Etna & Taormina deluxe air tour

Our flights depart from Comiso airport to experience the region’s most unforgettable locations of the Sicilian territory, proceeding on the amazing landscape of the Sicilian costs to Taormina, then turning around Etna Mountain, followed by the Centuripe village .

Tour begins by overlooking Catania
Catania was founded as a Greek colony named Κατάνη (Katánē—see also the list of traditional-Greek place names), of Chalcidic origin, under the guidance of a leader named Euarchos (Euarchus).

The exact date of its foundation is not recorded, but it appears from Thucydides that it was formed slightly later than Leontini (modern Lentini), which he claims was five years after Syracuse, or 730 BC.


Tour continues to Island of Cyclops
The coast of Aci Trezza are three tall, column-shaped islands. According to local legend, these great stones are the ones thrown at Odysseus in The Odyssey. The islands are referred to as the "isole dei ciclopi" (islands of the Cyclops, or Cyclopean Isles) by locals. This compliments the notion that the Cyclops once had a smithy below Mount Etna, which looms over the village to the northwest


Tour continues to Taormina
The area around Taormina was inhabited by the Siculi even before the Greeks arrived on the Sicilian coast in 734 BC to found a town called Naxos. The theory that Tauromenion was founded by colonists from Naxos is confirmed by Strabo and other ancient writers.


Tour continues to Randazzo
In the 13th century the town had its own army, which fought in favor of the king against the rebels. In 1210 King Frederick II of Hohenstaufen and his young wife Constance of Aragon sheltered at Randazzo to escape the terrible plague which raged in Palermo.


Tour continues to Centuripe
Thucydides mentions Kentoripa as a city of the Sicels, hellenized in the 5th century BC. It became an ally of the Athenians at the time of their expedition against Syracuse, and maintained its independence almost uninterruptedly (though it fell under the power of Agathocles) until the First Punic War


Sample Tour Itinerary (approximate times)

Note: Flights depart multiple times daily

9:00 A.M. – Taxi  will pick up our guests from their hotel

9:45 A.M. – Guests will then check-in at the airport terminal.

10:30 A.M. – Flight departures for full or half tour.

11.30 or 11:45 A.M. – Airplane arrives back to the terminal.

12: 00 A.M. – Guests will arrive and back to their hotel.



Full Tour 286.00 Euro per pax min 3 or  433 Euro per pax min 2

Catania- Isola dei Ciclopi -  Taormina– Randazzo - Bronte – Centuripe


Half Tour 246 Euro per pax min 3  or  375 Euro per pax min 2

Catania  – Acireale – Taormina